Our View: 15 games, 192 teams?

Posted: November 14, 2013

We love the folks who run the Virginia High School League; we just don’t agree with them very often.

Six classifications for interscholastic competition? Too many. Four would have sufficed. And now what amounts to a 15-game regimen for the 12 teams that will eventually vie for the six state football championships? Far too many games for prep athletes, especially in this day and time when such a premium has been placed on gridiron safety.

A remedy? Eliminate the North/South regional designation in each class, and simply seed the top 16 teams in each grouping, regardless of location, and let them go at it.

As it stands, of Virginia’s 313 high schools, 192 — 32 in each class — are playoff-bound in football this weekend. Again, too many. Ninety-six would do just fine, as that would sweep the slate clean of teams with losing records, whose presence in the post-season is dubious, at best.