Our View: A ‘green light’ on Millwood

Posted: April 24, 2013

With the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s approval of an access modification proposal last week, Shenandoah University is now poised to realize its plans for the Millwood Avenue-Jubal Early Drive corridor. Now it’s a matter of physically implementing the $2 million reconfiguration — free-flowing right-turn lane, new traffic signal, sparkling “gateway,” and all.

We dare say a goodly number of city residents still harbor suspicions about the initiative, which includes closure of a 1,000-foot stretch of Millwood Avenue. We, too, at times have questioned the efficacy of the proposal.

But this much we will say: Starting years ago with the reclamation of the old John Kerr School and continuing to this day with its decided presence in Old Town — e.g., at the Feltner and Solenberger buildings — the university has proven a good and valuable community partner.

Now, with the state’s “green light” making this project fait accompli, we can only hope this largely harmonious partnership continues — and that the reconfiguration plan works as envisioned.