Our View: All Obamas all the time

Posted: February 26, 2013

There’s a time and a place, we’re told, for everything. But is there ever a time these days, or a venue or locale, that our nation’s First Couple does not feel we Americans would benefit enormously from their presence? Or omnipresence?

Apparently not. Just when you may have thought the White House had retreated, somewhat, from full campaign mode, the First Lady made an unprecedented appearance at the Oscars (albeit via satellite) to present the evening’s biggest prize — Best Picture. And not only that, but Mrs. Obama also felt compelled to comment on the nominees’ cultural worthiness.

Is there no end to the Cult of Personality encasing the Obamas, or to their incessant basking in whatever limelight may be available at any given moment? Is the word “restraint” a stranger to their vocabulary?

Whatever the answers may be to these questions, an audible groan arising from the Academy Awards media room suggests the schtick may be wearing thin . . . amidst a most unlikely constituency that has been in the bag for the Obamas since Day One.

“I’m a big fan of Michelle Obama,” film critic Richard Roeper said, “but I think she should have turned down the invite to present Best Picture. It just didn’t fit the moment.”

True enough, but try telling that to this most narcissistic of White Houses.