Our View: And to reiterate . . .

Posted: December 11, 2012

Like many folks this past weekend, we took advantage of the pleasant weather to knock out some of our Christmas shopping. Our frenetic foray offered reaffirmation of a truism oft-cited in this space at this time of the year: Shopping locally makes good “$en$e.”

Our travels took us to, among other retail hot-spots, downtown Winchester. Old Town’s familiar traits — friendliness of service, eclecticism of offerings, and pleasing ambience — were likewise reaffirmed. Good “$en$e,” indeed.

You see, though larger locales may beckon — and so, too, the relative ease of Internet shopping — it behooves us to realize how truly blessed we are in these parts. And particularly so for the ability to satisfy our Christmas shopping needs in a way that benefits ourlocal economy. Staying home means helping our own.

And so, with seasonal Crunch Time looming, and our Christmas lists far from complete, we’ll be exercising good “$en$e” again soon. May you do the same.