Our View: Boehner’s new strategy?

Posted: September 20, 2013

House Speaker John Boehner, chest-high in roiling legislative waters, switched horses Wednesday and decided to take the ObamaCare fight to the Democrats on the first available beachhead, namely the budget.

As Rep. Frank Wolf’s office told us, that vote on a continuing resolution, which will strip out funding for ObamaCare, is slated for today.

Conceivably, the Republican-controlled House will rally ’round the “defunding” mechanism, and send it over to the Senate and, perhaps, an uncertain vote, given the number of red-state Democrats keenly aware of constituent opposition to the controversial law.

Forget, for a moment, all the palace intrigue about whether Texas firebrand Ted Cruz can — or will even try to — “deliver” the Senate for the GOP. Focus instead on what may be Mr. Boehner’s high-wire strategy in a gambit that portends a government shutdown.

To switch metaphors, there’s a bargaining chip yet to be played — a “delay” in the implementation of ObamaCare (or at least the individual mandate) that may be dangled before Democrats in exchange for, say, sequestration relief.

This is long-game strategy, a gradualist approach to kill ObamaCare softly . . . unwittingly abetted by a president who has granted waivers and unlawfully delayed certain provisions by executive fiat.

Could it work? Maybe.