Our View: Bravo, Kirsten Powers

Posted: April 17, 2013

Sometimes it takes a person left of center, or reputedly left of center, to call out liberals on the egregiously obvious. And that is precisely what Kirsten Powers has done with regard to the mainstream media’s initial “ho-hum” avoidance of the Kermit Gosnell murder trail. “Dr.” Gosnell, in case you may not know, stands accused of killing seven babies and one woman at his Philadelphia abortion “House of Horrors.”

Ms. Powers — Daily Beast columnist, Fox News analyst, and former Clinton White House factotum — calls the media’s lack of interest in this case “inexplicable.” After all, she says, pressies rush to the ramparts whenever a new abortion regulation is proposed or goes into effect, or whenever a ham-handed Republican politician fumbles a comment about life issues.

So, why wouldn’t the press be all over the Gosnell trial, especially given the spectacular — spectacularly grisly, to be precise — nature of the revelations? Could it be that the trial exposes the seamiest, most sordid aspects of the lamentable abortion industry?

Whatever the reason, Kirsten Powers — as devout a Christian as she is (for the most part) a dedicated liberal — merits high praise for her excoriation of the press. She is the primary reason, we feel, that media outlets are now falling over themselves to get to Philadelphia.