Our View: Conservative ‘mojo’ uptick?

Posted: March 13, 2013

What hath Rand Paul wrought? Well, nothing concrete as of yet, but perhaps his filibuster a week ago spawned a positive change in conservative “mojo.”

Two salutary developments of note since Mr. Paul held forth a week ago: First, in Florida, House and Senate panels flatly rejected Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s plan for Medicaid expansion. A Senate proposal, which would use federal expansion dollars to buy private insurance for the same constituency, still hangs fire. But that plan faces rigorous federal “comparability” tests, not to mention the stern gaze of the House panel that deep-sixed Mr. Scott’s initiative Monday.

Second, a state judge, citing everything from “arbitrary and capricious consequences” — i.e., the inevitability of uneven enforcement, in layman’s terms — to the “evisceration” of legislative prerogatives under separation-of-power principles struck down New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s silly ban on sugary soft drinks larger than 16 ounces per serving.

Thus ever to nannies, we say. Mr. Paul would likely second that notion. Or emotion.

Correction: In Tuesday’s editorial about the February jobs report, Catherine Rampell was erroneously noted as working for Time magazine. She actually works for The New York Times.