Our View: ‘Duck’ dominion

Posted: September 10, 2013

When two members of the Robertson family, of “Duck Dynasty” fame, took the Firefighters Parade by storm at the most recent Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, they were — to our way of thinking at least — a curiosity. Now they’re a full-blown national phenomenon (albeit not as a result of their appearance here). The question is: Why?

So apparently vexing is this question that many commentators have felt obliged to explain — or try to — the soaring popularity of the rough-hewn Robertsons, who’ve turned the production of wooden duck calls into solid gold.

So what is it about the Robertsons that had hundreds of fans wildly cheering for them last May in Winchester and millions more tuning in their “reality” TV show each week? The best we can tell is this: They’re genuine. They are who they are: a loving bunch of hirsute country boys (with beautiful wives) who never forget that home is where the heart is — and are not afraid to wear that heart on their camouflaged sleeves.

They’re also very conservative (with nary a strain of political correctness), very Christian (unabashedly pro-life and pro-abstinence), and very devoted to each other, to freedom, and to their down-home way of life.

We’ve heard of more curious developments, but not many: This rural family seems to be sparking a revival among Americans trapped in a culture antithetical to their values. “Maybe it’s because we live our lives like people really want to live,” says Phil, the family’s patriarch.

Maybe he’s right.