Our View: GOP kicks can, plays game

Posted: February 4, 2013

Some folks might call it, simply, “kicking the can down the road.” But, in GOP-speak, what Republicans did last week pertinent to the debt ceiling goes by the name “re-sequencing.” It’s all political, all in the game.

The Republican-led House took the lead in approving an extension of the debt limit of roughly $450 billion. This takes the issue, with all its talk of “default,” off the table until as deep in the year as August, thus giving the GOP time to fully engage the administration on “sequestration.” OK, that’s admirable enough political“strategery,” but how well does it serve the country?

As political economist Walter Williams says, if Republicans “had an ounce of brains” they could stifle all this “deadbeat nation” talk that frightens senior citizens into believing they will not get their Social Security checks unless the debt limit is raised.

What would Mr. Williams have Republicans do? Enact legislation prioritizing how tax revenues are spent — debt service and Social Security payments first, and so on. This legislative move would have the added benefit of smoking out which Republicans do want to get a handle on spending.