Our View: How did he miss that?

Posted: March 20, 2013

Liberal folk, particularly of the “limousine” kind, must live in a parallel universe far, far away from reality. How else might one explain this revelation by comedian cum political commentator Bill Maher on his “Real Time” HBO show this past Friday?

We don’t usually pay much credence to what Mr. Maher, political gadfly that he is, has to say. But this time, we snapped to attention.

And what did he say? Precisely that he had seen, for the first time, statistics showing how much “the rich” actually pay in taxes. He seemed aghast that the wealthiest Americans really do pay the freight — i.e., the richest 1 percent accounting for 40 percent of taxes paid. Geez, this is something the average conservative — or most every reader of The Wall Street Journal — has known, well, for years. Mr. Maher is just finding it out?

Then he said something equally amazing — that he may have to leave California because of the state’s excessive taxation. If you recall, golfer Phil Mickelson was pilloried for similar sentiments. But Mr. Maher says it, and the other liberal heads on his panel merely nod.

Then again, what else might you expect in a parallel universe?