Our View: Now here’s a novel idea

Posted: November 14, 2012

Sad to say, nothing, it seems, gets the ol’ journalistic juices flowing like the prurient and the titillating. Predictably, the Fourth Estate just can’t seem to get enough of the David Petraeus resignation as CIA chief, a mess that’s becoming curiouser and more convoluted by the day. Now, another stalwart military man — Gen. John Allen, Mr. Petraeus’ successor as Afghanistan commander — has been ensnared in this tangled web.

Latent irony abounds. For weeks, the media studiously avoided pursuing the loose ends achingly evident in the terrorist raid in Benghazi that claimed four American lives. We all know why. Little did we realize though that the mere hint of sexual dalliance, of an affair seemingly unrelated, could prove the string that ties up these loose ends.

Now the press is fully engaged. Now Congress — even Democratic members — wants answers, not only to why it was left out of the Petraeus investigatory loop, but about what the former general learned during his recent trip to Benghazi.

And, to think, it all started with some dishy e-mails.