Our View: Obama’s ‘liberated,’ so are we

Posted: January 24, 2013

If anything, President Obama’s inaugural address (and his press conference a week earlier) put an end to hoary myths endlessly advanced by the liberal media. That’s good.

And those myths? First, that the president is, at heart, a pragmatic centrist. He is not. And, second, that he’s an eager compromiser whose driven-snow-pure intentions have been derailed by GOP obstructionists. Question: How does one “compromise” with a man who has clearly implied you are morally deficient? That’s hardly conducive to good faith, of which Mr. Obama believes he’s the sole repository.

It’s been said that re-election has “liberated” Mr. Obama. He’s now free to be himself — something about which we had no illusions to begin with. The man is an insufferable statist.

The lines are clearly drawn, so let the battle for the soul — and future — of this country begin. In this vein, conservatives should feel “liberated,” too. We know we do.