Our View: ObamaCare, totally skewered

Posted: January 22, 2014

We commend to your attention the special column at right, written by a Virginia-trained physician, Dr. Elizabeth Vliet. Seldom, if ever, have we seen the premise, or alleged promise, of nationalized health care so thoroughly or convincingly countered, to the point of decimation.

Now one can argue, as many folks have, whether or not ObamaCare truly nationalizes the practice of medicine. For Dr. Vliet, there is no doubt. In her mind, the road toward nationalization — or, at the very least, away from a voluntary free-market system — was initially charted decades ago. ObamaCare is merely the latest step in this untoward progression.

Not only does ObamaCare eschew the free market in favor of coercion, but it also skews the notion of “true insurance” — i.e., voluntary arrangements made for the mitigation of major, unforeseen risks. Once government enters the equation, Dr. Vliet writes, the voluntary aspect is lost and “natural regulatory mechanisms” are no longer given free rein to take “quick corrective action in markets that are voluntary.”

The result? “When someone else” — namely, government through coercive redistribution — “pays for your medical care, they decide what you get. This is ObamaCare’s fundamental flaw: government bureaucrats are in control, not patients or doctors.”

This is the “Cliff Notes” summary. Read Dr. Vliet’s trenchant commentary in full.