Our View: Point-perfect at Millbrook

Posted: November 10, 2012

As we were walking out of Millbrook High on Friday morning, a student host handed us a piece of folded orange construction paper. We accepted it without question — though, as we soon discovered, it was not meant for us, but for one of the 260 or so veterans still inside the school.

In any case, here’s what was written inside, in elementary scrawl: “Thank you for fighting for our country, to keep it safe for the American citizens. You guys are the real superheroes. I’m glad we have guys like you who fight to keep our freedom. Love, Melanie Nicole.”

Ah, from the pens of babes — and from the mouths of their older brethren.

The editorial staff attended the annual Veterans Day celebration at MHS for the first time — and, from what we learned, it just keeps getting larger (more vets in attendance) and better.

We found it point-perfect — heartfelt, endearing, and sweet without being saccharine — from the speeches to the music to the food to the farewell salute from the students at Redbud Red Elementary.

And to think that — as we were told by Millbrook teacher Rachel Deavers, who godmothered the event five years ago — it was largely the work of the students themselves, representing the three county high schools.

And so on this Veterans Day Weekend, our hats are off not just to our vets, but also to the kids who paid them tribute.