Our View: Positively Orwellian

Posted: April 11, 2013

Someone named Melissa Harris-Perry may have believed she was breaking new ground when she said Americans must dispense of the hoary notion that children belong to their families rather than to “whole communities.”

She wasn’t. This has been a staple of statism, collectivism, and progressivism for as long as proponents of these noxious -isms have taken breath. In fact, we recall Hillary Clinton devoting an entire book, “It Takes a Village,” to advance this notion, allegedly visionary but merely Orwellian.

What sets Ms. Harris-Perry’s pronunciamento apart is the evenness of her tone, as she, a Tulane University political science professor and parttime television commentator, makes her case on MSNBC. Human ownership by the state? Why sure, that would be a salutary development, she seems to be saying.

Don’t get us wrong, man is no island, but a communitarian being. But the foundational and, therefore, foremost building block of “community” is the nuclear family. And, of late, that building block has been under attack.

So, while Ms. Harris-Perry’s comments give due pause, they are hardly original, but rather just another reminder that conservatives must remain ever vigilant in their defense and preservation of the “permanent things.”