Our View: The real Obama?

Posted: October 4, 2012

The Barack Obama millions saw during Wednesday night’s presidential debate with Mitt Romney is not the same Barack Obama who addressed a cheering audience of black clergy five years ago in Hampton. And therein lies a problem posing as a question: Which is the real Barack Obama — the agent of hope and change whose election, we were told, would heal the planet and still the rising waters, or the tawdry demagogue who stooped to race-baiting in Tidewater?

On Tuesday, the Daily Caller released the entire 40-minute video — thus avoiding accusations of splicing and dicing — of Mr. Obama’s June 2007 speech down Hampton way that received mere cursory treatment from the media. Stories were filed back then based on the future president’s prepared comments. Now the world is privy to the complete, unedited address sprinkled liberally with rhetorical tangents and ad libs, and delivered in pseudo-ghetto dialect.

Among the revelations:

 Mr. Obama profusely praised his pastor and spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — who, it turns out, had already been thrown beneath the proverbial bus for comments deemed too militant for campaign purposes.

 Mr. Obama accused the federal government of monetarily shortchanging the victims of Hurricane Katrina primarily because they were predominantly black.

In truth, as The Daily Caller pointed out, by the time Mr. Obama delivered his remarks, Washington had already dispatched $110 billion to New Orleans, the last $6.9 billion coming mere weeks before the Hampton speech.

 Mr. Obama displayed untoward animosity toward suburban Americans, suggesting that tax dollars that should have been invested in minority inner-city precincts — i.e., “our people . . . our neighborhoods” — had gone instead to road construction in the ’burbs.

In short, Mr. Obama presented what amounts to a zero-sum America, one in which black citizens inevitably suffer while others profit and prosper. If these are his true beliefs, we don’t need to imagine what a second Obama term might hold, should he be re-elected. Hampton, June 2007, provides a clear picture.

And clearer insight into the man himself. Any way you spin this speech, Barack Obama is a colossal fraud. Whether it be black America or all America, he’s been selling some constituency a bill of goods.