Our View: Was Musburger ‘creepy’?

Posted: January 14, 2013

Here it is a week later, and folks are still talking about ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger’s marginally over-the-top riff about the pulchritudinous Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.

Though you’ve probably heard more about this than you can stand, allow us a short word. While some may have found Mr. Musburger’s comments “creepy” or firmly believe America was “grossed out” by them, we consider his remarks, well, peculiar, a little bit out of the ordinary.

“Ordinary” would have been sticking to the story line: how Miss Webb, the reigning Miss Alabama, is an Auburn student dating the quarterback of the War Eagles’ arch-rival, Alabama. As for her looks, a nice “And wow, isn’t she lovely!” would have sufficed.

But Mr. Musburger, in his typically banal way, couldn’t stop talking — though, in his defense, the much-anticipated national title game was already, by then, a snoozer. Still, even his partner in the booth, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit, seemed a little nonplussed.

Nonetheless, did Mr. Musburger’s rather inane blather merit an apology by ESPN? Hardly. Though some predictable backlash — albeit very little — about the “objectification” of women emerged from usual precincts, ESPN’s mea culpa amounted to contrition in search of a genuine, rather than contrived, offense.

Truth be told, it doesn’t seem as if many folks were offended, least of all Miss Webb, her parents, or Mr. McCarron. She had, perhaps, the most concise take on the matter.

“For a woman to be called beautiful,” Miss Webb said, “I don’t see how that’s an issue.”

It isn’t.