Real Estate Transfers

Posted: August 31, 2013

These are the real estate transfers of $200,000 or more for Clarke County during July, as compiled by Clarke County Circuit Court:


Margaret Mary Fry to Jonathan E. Herring, 412 Hancock Court, Town of Berryville, $325,000.

Edward and Patricia Irwin to Ralph Ambrosio, 300 E. Main St., Town of Berryville, $295,000.

Fannie Mae to David and Shara Cole, 416 Hancock Court, Town of Berryville, $360,000.

Donald and Lorrie Bender to John D. and Brandie D. Millar, 515 Cather Road, Berryville, Longmarsh District, $339,000.

Conrad and Joan Snowden to Edwin Morgan Jr. et ux., 164 White Pine Lane, Boyce, lot C, section 2 in Carefree Acres subdivision, Greenway District, $329,900.

James and Susan Brinkmeier to Robert and Carol Grimm, 109 Isaac Court, Town of Berryville, $395,000.

Rachel Rondell to James D. and Aimee N. Quesenberry, 261 Shepherds Mill Road, Berryville, lot 7 of Hawthorne Acres subdivision, Battletown District, $205,000.

Steven C. Feltner executor to Judith C. Santini, 621 Kimble Road, lot 4 of Woodlawn subdivision, Town of Berryville, $205,000.

Carole Ann Hupke to Mark D. and Rachel K.T. Parkinson, 454 Spring House Lane, Berryville, lot 14, 5.010 acres in Battletown District, $341,500.

Darryl D. and Sandra S. Judy to Dale and Bernadette Forrester Jr., 311 Vista Lane, White Post, lot 10, 3.2853 acres in Greenway District, $420,000.

Connie Jean Urbach Tr. to Joseph Won, 12 Dorsey St., Town of Berryville, $221,000.

Burford L. and Joni Barrett to David B. and Brenda A. Conrad, lot 2, 23.4776 acres more or less, Battletown District, $849,000.

Brett E. and Mendy W. Hickman to Joseph W. Zebrine et ux., 2726 Calmes Neck Lane, Boyce, lot 97, 5.065 acres more or less, Chapel District, $375,000.

David Thaxton et al. to Steven J. Centanni, 11.943 acres in Greenway District (2/3 interest), $393,666.66.

Rodrigo J. and Jill Salmeron to Joseph B. and A. Y. Condrey, 203 W. Main St., parcel in Town of Berryville, $227,500.

William R. and Heather A. Bowen to Carl H.E. and Patricia K. Maples, property in Town of Berryville, $455,000.

Commonwealth Trustees sub. Tr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, tract 4, 3 acres in Battletown District, $305,423.15.

Lisa M. Hart to Richard Bye, 5329 Senseny Road, Berryville, parcel B, 6.04 acres in Chapel District, $419,900.

Maleeha Ayaz to Patricia Gray-Irvin et vir., 306 Treadwell St., Town of Berryville, $423,300.