Real Estate Transfers

Posted: September 21, 2013

These are the real estate transfers of $200,000 or more in Clarke County during August, as compiled by Clarke County Circuit Court:

James M. Cross to David McDonnal Wolf et ux., 20285 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Paris, lot 10 in Mount Weather subdivision, Chapel District, $365,000.

Mark Anderson and Lovada D. to Francis Jude Ambrose Tr., 90 Gorham Lane, Boyce, parcel D, section 4 in Carefree Acres subdivision, Greenway District, $460,000.

FFC Properties LLC to Ricky A. Barton, 400 Lindsay Court, Berryville, lot 208, phase IVA in Hermitage subdivision, Town of Berryville, $435,000.

Greg Canterbury and Linda T. Mary Serock, parcel on Taylor Street, Berryville, Town of Berryville, $393,000.

Richard H. Hunt and Susan B. to Cozette Lorraine Medeiro, 586 Berry’s Ferry Road, White Post, 1.810 acres in Greenway District, $309,000.

Steven K. Hamilton and Elizabeth to Steven K. Hamilton, 5240 Senseny Road, Berryville, 3.75 acres in Chapel District, $208,750.

Patricia J. Kidder to Mark Drummond et al., 759 Carefree Lane, Boyce, lot 605, 5 acres in Greenway District, $241,000.

Lawrence Schaffer to Jill Marie Ramsburg, 125 Academy St., Berryville, Town of Berryville, $241,000.

Fannie Mae to Tone Phosai and Susan, 1358 Chilly Hollow Road, Berryville, lot 1 in Battletown District, $353,800.

Samuel White Tr. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, lot 15 in Shenandoah Farms subdivision, Greenway District, $276,300.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America, property in Longmarsh District, $282,200.

Vickie H. Kondik to David and Brenda Reese, 2575 Frogtown Road, Bluemont, 5.4368 acres in Chapel District, $499,500.

Charles Eldridge and Fidele to River Glen Holdings LLC, lot 2, 19.0719 acres in Chapel District, $259,900.

John M. and Mary L. Robbins to John E. and Ann B. Pinto, 533 Page St., Berryville, lot 54, section 2 in Apple Glen subdivision, Town of Berryville, $329,000.

Equity Trustees LLC for Paul C. to US Bank National Association, lot 101A, Battlefield Estates subdivision, Town of Berryville, $337,200.

Tona Lee Bays et al. to Harry T. Sunderland III et ux., 5 Circle Drive, Berryville, Town of Berryville, $225,000.

Johnny Michael Smith and Tia to Helena Alonge, 355 Running Bear Lane, Boyce, 26.419 acres in Chapel District, $576,000.

Larry A. Wollach to Andrew J. Broome Jr. and Diane, 21245 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Paris, parcel 3, 5.4077 acres in Chapel District, $517,000.

James Kevin Mallory and Cindy M. to Nathan Rodgers, 240 Lakeview Lane, Boyce, lot 802, section 8 in Carefree Acres, Greenway District, $465,804.

Patrick and Jamie Dantzic to Frank Arevalo and Silvia, 101 Meadow View Drive, Boyce, lot 1 in Meadow View subdivision, Chapel District, $310,000.

Richard W. Kobetz to Journeys End Lane LLC, small portion of two tracts in Battletown District (mostly in Loudoun County), $1,149,600.