Sewer line easement remains under review in Boyce

Posted: October 24, 2013

The Winchester Star

BERRYVILLE — A proposed sewer-line easement across a playing field behind Boyce Elementary School has been shifted farther south toward the back of the property.

The revised plan was shown to the Clarke County Sanitary Authority on Wednesday.

But engineer Ron Mislowsky of Pennoni Associates Inc. in Winchester was told by the authority to try moving it even farther back, closer to Roseville Run.

The line would serve 24 new homes that William Dean wants to build on his property just west of the school. Two houses are on the land now.

Mislowsky noted that the original plan for the development included a pump station to lift sewage to an existing line on Main Street. But he said the plan was changed because the Sanitary Authority, which manages the sewage system for the county, prefers to have a gravity-fed line.

Authority member Alexander “Dan” Mackay-Smith said pump stations require more maintenance, which would be the responsibility of the authority once the system is built.

And, he said, the existing system is out of balance, since two-thirds of the current sewage flows to the Virginia Avenue pump station. Pumping to the Main Street line would add to that flow.

He said the authority would prefer to have the flow from the new homes directed to the Roseville Run pump station, which carries a third as much at this point.

Ralph Welliver, the authority’s newest member, suggested that Mislowsky consider connecting to the system through the Roseville Downs housing development farther downstream from the school.

That action would keep the new line much closer to the tree line along the banks of Roseville Run, but still out of the flood plain.

Welliver noted one low spot that might cause problems with depth of cover over the line, but added that he thought it would be worth investigating.

Earlier this month, county Supervisor John Staelin voiced concern that installing the line closer to the school would limit any future expansion of the facility.

In the plans he presented to the authority, Mislowsky noted that the revised location of the line he presented left room for a 30,000-square-foot addition to the rear of the school.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Michael Hobert said the county government would prefer the easement to be as far south on the school property as possible, while avoiding the construction of a pump station.

“That seems to be what we’re all looking for,” he said, adding, ”We’re grateful to Pennoni Associates for trying to get us there.”

Attending the meeting in the Joint Government Center were Chairman Ian Williams and members Joseph Myer, Alexander “Dan” Mackay-Smith, Ralph Welliver and A. R. “Pete” Dunning Jr.

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