Sheriff still seeking final resting place for man

Posted: January 3, 2013

The Winchester Star

WINCHESTER — City Sheriff Lenny Millholland is still seeking a final resting place for a local man.

Johnny R. Jones, 68, died of lung cancer Nov. 7 at a local hospice, but wasn’t cremated until Dec. 20 following a family dispute over what to do with his remains.

Millholland, along with Larry T. Omps — owner of the funeral home where Jones’s body spent more than a month resting in a cooler — a social worker, hospice care employee, landlord and former employer and friend successfully petitioned the Winchester Circuit Court for him to be cremated.

“He’s been cremated, we’re just trying to find where to put his ashes,” Millholland said Wednesday. Previously, he said that anytime there is an unattended body, it is the sheriff’s responsibility to put that person to rest.

Millholland mentioned that he might offer Jones’s ashes to the deceased’s brother, who wasn’t in the middle of the family feud.

“I always like them to go to a family member,” he said.

“You always want to put them in a place where family and friends can come visit them.”

Millholland previously said that he puts about 10 or more people to rest each year.

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