Student wants to help out school

Posted: November 30, 2012

The Winchester Star

WINCHESTER — Dennis Allen Ball II wants to give back to his former school.

The 14-year-old James Wood High School freshman presented his Eagle Scout project proposal to enhance Stonewall Elementary School during a Frederick County Public Schools Building and Grounds Committee meeting Thursday.

The proposal, which entails constructing five wooden picnic tables at Stonewall for use by the public and by students as an outdoor classroom, will be decided upon by the full School Board next week.

If he receives approval, Ball will also plant an 8-by-8 butterfly garden nearby, which he plans to maintain for two years after the project is finished.

“Stonewall gave me my foundation for my education,” Ball said as to why he chose the school project.

The teen plans to raise all the money for the work, which he hopes to finish within six months to a year from the start date.

‘Thank you very much for offering to do this,” said committee member Peggy Clark.

Superintendent David Sovine also thanked Ball for his proposal, while committee Chairman Benjamin Waterman said he looked forward to sitting in the garden.

Also at the meeting, Al Orndorff, assistant superintendent for administration, reiterated that the new transportation center built on Front Royal Pike (U.S. 522) is still on schedule to open Dec. 10.

Final touches are occurring this week.

The opening, originally scheduled for August, was delayed due to weather, Orndorff said.

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