Teen loses 95 pounds, finds new way to live

Posted: November 19, 2012

The Winchester Star

Cameron Frye works out Saturday morning at the Sportsplex in Kernstown. (Photo by Scott Mason/The Winchester Star)
Cameron Frye and his mother, Marty Frye, work out Saturday morning at the Sportsplex. As part of his healthy campaign, Cameron kicked off a two-hour workout featuring two of the trainers from the Les Mills Pump DVDs.
Joel Freeman (left) and Jerico McDuffie lead an exercise class Saturday morning at the Sportsplex. (Photo by Scott Mason/The Winchester Star)

KERNSTOWN — At age 15, Cameron Frye came to the realization that he needed to lose weight.

The insecure 240-pound sophomore at James Wood High School was sluggish and got winded at simple tasks like climbing stairs. He was bullied. Crash dieting didn’t work. Neither did going to the gym because he had no idea what he was supposed to do when he got there.

Cameron, 17, will graduate this year 95 pounds lighter.

“When you notice your pants getting looser, it’s the best feeling in the world,” he said. “In ninth and 10th grade, I wasn’t much of an energy ball. I’m a big ball of energy now.”

His weight loss began after John Moore, 44, a friend of his at church, introduced him to Beachbody workouts such as Insanity, P90X and Les Mills Pump, which all feature an array of mixed martial arts. Moore was a Beachbody coach — someone who signs up to keep others accountable and promote fitness through Beachbody workouts.

The two started a fit club twice a week at church and exercised with Les Mills Pump videos. Cameron also exercised at home. All in all, he worked out six days a week for 45 minutes at a time. He also began to eat healthy — snacking on almonds and eating lots of steamed vegetables.

As the weight fell off, Cameron developed a stronger work ethic, was able to focus more in school and grew confident.

“During his weight loss, the child I knew was coming out of his shell,” said Marty Frye, Cameron’s mother. “He blossomed.”

Cameron now maintains his weight through the same exercise regime. He’s also taken it upon himself to get others active by starting a fit club at his school and encouraging people, including his mom, to work out. Through her son’s incentive, Frye has lost 45 pounds.

As part of his healthy campaign, Cameron kicked off a two-hour workout at the Sportsplex in Kernstown on Saturday and invited two of the trainers from the Les Mills Pump DVDs — Joel Freeman and Jerico McDuffie — to come lead the event. Nearly $4,000 was donated by friends and family to bring the trainers from California to Winchester.

“He’s super over-the-top dedicated,” Moore said. “Now he’s putting it on other people. He wants to get other people off the couch.”

Susan Gill, 40, of Middletown, and her friend Teresa Breitenthaler, 43, of Purcellville, were in attendance Saturday. They recently finished a 90-day Les Mills Pump workout challenge and lost 10 and 16 pounds, respectively.

“I don’t like to go to the gym,” Breitenthaler said. “I wanted something I could do in the privacy of my own home.”

Both women said they liked that the video exercise starts easy and that anyone can do it.

Cameron’s ultimate goal is to make fitness fun, something that people can look forward to instead of dreading. Something other than getting on a treadmill for two hours.

“It’s not about a six pack or huge biceps,” he said. “It’s about getting healthy and seeing that in your everyday life.”

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