The Clarke County High School Class of 1963

Posted: July 22, 2013

Alice Hough Hummer provided this photo of the Clarke County High School senior class of 1963.

The class will celebrate its 50th reunion in Sept. 14 at the John H. Enders Fire Hall in Berryville.

Front Row (left to right): Stella Louise Presgraves, Kendall Shealy Riley, Bonnie Jean Mediary, Vernon William Pine, Linda Sheryl Wynkoop, James Hampton Royston, Judy Ann Payne, Sidney Haywood Veasey, Jr., Sharon Lee Luttrell, Luther Thomas Cain, Jr., Judy Valentine Huff, William Michael Miller, Donna Marie Noyes.

Row 2: Phillip Edward Fowler, Betty Ann Lee Kephart, Russell Lee Edwards, Bonnie Carol Duncan, Robert Dean Davis, Jean Larew Iden, James Wilson McCarty, Mary Barnes Mackintosh, David Conrad Longerbeam, Helen Caroline Mallory, Donald Howard Moulden, Patricia Lee Marilyn Edens, Gllen Edward Tomblin, Connie Lee Neff.

Row 3: Edgar Lee Coffelt Jr., Judith Vivien Unger, Henry Dale Lloyd, Lois Charleen Payne, Phillip Anthony Crim, Joan Lambert Jenkins, Charles Richard Huff, Mary Iona Hawkins, John William Sours, Jr., Garletta Ann Greathouse, Steven Dewar Tavenner, Mary Somerville Jones, Aubrey Coleman Waters, Betty Jean Mercer, Christopher Alan Edwards, Sandra Fay Broy.

Row 4: Elizabeth Ragland Ballowe, Thomas Rust Shepherd, Sandra Lorraine Berry, Thomas Julian Clatterbuck, Priscilla Harris Smith, Robert Grantham Fiddler, Rosalind Jane Fuller, James Richard Levi, Alice Lee Hough, David Matthew Hough, Phyllis Louise Mercer, Katheryn Elizabeth Russell, Gary Lynn Foltz, Shirley Louise White, Mary Joan Pyne.

Row 5: James Gary Ferrebee, Anna Mae Lofton, Joseph William Abramson, Charles Edward Miley, III, Joseph Herbert Bean, II, William Hiram Tharp, Ronald Stephen Zombro, Wesley Christopher Levi, Earnest Stephen Shull, Kenneth Lee Willingham, Barbara Dianne Cornwell

The class will honor the former principal of Boyce Elementary, Herman Lloyd, during the celebration. Lloyd was the principal on our first day of school when we entered Boyce in the year 1950-51. Mr. Lloyd will be in attendance and we will also honor Mrs. Betty S. Levi and Mr. Rudy Telek, teachers at Clarke County High School.


 The morning of September 14 beginning at 9:00 am the class has the opportunity to tour Boyce Elem, Berryville Primary and our old high school, now JWMS. A class picture will be taken at the Bell Tower that stands on the hillside behind the old high school. The Bell Tower was the class gift to the school in 1963.

For more Information call 540-955-4491 or 540-539-1231.