Bauserman wants courthouse renovation, accreditation

Posted: October 26, 2013

The Winchester Star

Winchester sheriff candidate Leonard Bauserman talks with middle school students during the Kids Voting Rally 2013 on Thursday at Sherando High School. (Photo by Jeff Taylor/The Winchester Star)

WINCHESTER — Leonard Bauserman wants to continue his 22-year career in law enforcement as the city’s next sheriff.

“For me, [being elected as sheriff] gives me an opportunity to keep doing what I love to do — which is law enforcement — with a little bit different type of law enforcement,” the 50-year-old Democratic candidate said.

“And it gives me an opportunity to have an agency that I can expand and improve on and I can do good with — you know, I can give back to the community with — which is something I really want to do.”

If elected, Bauserman — the captain of the Administration Division in the Winchester Police Department — said he would focus on getting the Winchester Sheriff’s Office accredited by the state government and renovating the Joint Judicial Center at 5 N. Kent St.

“Lenny has been working on [state accreditation], started it and I want to finish it,” Bauserman said of longtime Sheriff Lenny Millholland, who is not seeking re-election. “I’ve been through that at the police department, I’m familiar with it.”

Accreditation standards assure residents that their police departments and sheriff’s offices meet specific criteria.

Regarding the Judicial Center renovation, Bauserman said he believes it has been planned for some time, but did not know when it would begin.

“It’s going to be a huge responsibility for the city sheriff and the fact that a lot of those courtrooms are going to be remodeled, readjusted and moved and it’s hard to tell — we’ll have to have court, but we don’t know where ...,” he said.

Other goals Bauserman said he will seek, if elected, include training and adding an explosives-detection dog to the force.

“All those things together are going to be huge issues that need confronting,” he said.

He believes the main challenge the office currently faces is making sure everything runs smoothly.

“The basics of the Sheriff’s Office that you’ve got to cover: bailiff, your courtroom security, courthouse, your service of legal documents and transportation of prisoners — we have to make sure we’re doing all those right,” he said. “Can we improve any of that? Can we expand any of that? Let’s work on that first, and then move forward with new.”

One of the first things he wants to do, if elected, is to hold a meeting for all Sheriff’s Office employees and receive an overview of everything that is done and how it is done.

“Are there things we need to improve? Are there things we need to expand? And is there anything we need to decrease?

“Just take transporting prisoners as an example — is it more feasible to transport one at a time with two deputies, or is it more feasible to look at transporting five or six in a van vs. one at a time? I can’t sit here and say it would be; you’re going to have to look at the numbers and see where it is most of your prisoners come from.”

Bauserman added that the first 110 days on the job would involve becoming familiar with the office and its duties and creating a game plan for improvements.

Born and raised in Winchester, Bauserman noted his law enforcement career at the Winchester Police Department and said he has worked in just about every position there.

“I’ve built up a resume the entire time I’ve been there; (first), to improve myself, and (second), to prepare myself as I took these promotional steps to be ready for it,” he said.

“I think you have to look at the overall picture at who is the best-trained and who’s the best able to step right in and take off with it and run.”

Election Day is Nov. 5.



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