Warrant is issued in credit card probe

Posted: November 23, 2013

The Winchester Star

Kwame Addai

WINCHESTER — City police are continuing a June investigation during which they found at least 50 allegedly stolen credit, debit and gift cards and more than 100 cartons of cigarettes in a man’s vehicle.

Kwame Addai, 31, of Nottingham, Md., was charged in the incident with driving without a license and possession with intent to distribute cigarettes.

A search warrant was filed on Friday in Winchester Circuit Court in an effort to obtain information contained on the magnetic strips of the 55 cards.

City police Sgt. Frank Myrtle said investigators want to identify any potential victims by analyzing the encoded cards.

He added that no victims have come forward since the items were confiscated on June 28.

Officers were called to the Sheetz convenience store at 601 Millwood Ave. to investigate a report about someone purchasing large quantities of cigarettes with stolen credit card numbers, according to the search warrant.

Upon arrival, police spoke with three men from Maryland, and Addai — the operator of the vehicle — gave permission to search it.

Officers found the gift, credit and debit cards in the center console of the vehicle.

They also found 115 cartons of Newport cigarettes in trash bags in the trunk.

Myrtle said the case remains under investigation and that more charges could be placed.

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