You decide . . .Whether this president is ‘evil’ or not

Posted: June 29, 2013

I recently read several letters to The Star criticizing an individual for calling President Obama “evil.” Let’s review some of the president’s actions over the last 41/2years. Actions that he and his administration have yet to be held accountable for.

 A national debt exceeding $16 trillion dollars, and still growing.

 Stating several days after the Boston bombings that “the war on terrorism is over.”

 Leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi while he packed for a fund-raiser in Nevada.

 Bowing to foreign leaders and apologizing for the past transgressions of our nation.

 IRS, NSA, and Benghazi scandals where no one has been fired, jailed, or held accountable.

 Attempting to appoint individuals (through executive order) to positions requiring congressional approval while Congress was still in session.

 ObamaCare, which will result in the demise for our health-care system as we know it.

 Being arrogant and dismissive towards those who do not agree with his actions or policies.

 Lack of competence and leadership to address or solve our nation’s problems.

 In-your-face appointment of Susan Rice as national security advisor when she knowingly lied to the American people about a video causing riots in Benghazi.

 Continued support of Attorney General Eric Holder when he, on national television, committed perjury to Congress over Fast and Furious and the NSA scandal.

 Despite high unemployment and 50 million Americans on food stamps, his impending trip to Africa at a cost of 100 million taxpayer dollars.

Yet despite all the actions and occurrences, there are individuals who are either ill-informed, misinformed, or clueless when our president is called “evil.” You decide.

As Thomas Sowell pointed out in the Jan. 18 edition of The Star, “The belated recognition of this administration’s contempt for the truth, for the American people, and the Constitution of the United States has been long overdue.”

Thank you for this opportunity to express my opinion.

John W. Huff is a resident of Front Royal.