1 Child Dead from Fire on N. Kent St. (FULL UPDATE)

Posted: June 18, 2013

(Photo by Sally Voth)
(Photo by Sally Voth)
UPDATED 2:40 p.m.

A young boy has died from an afternoon fire on North Kent Street in downtown Winchester.

Sources at the scene of the house fire said the boy was pulled from the home, located at 300 and 302  N. Kent St. – a two-story brick home divided into four apartments - about 10 minutes after four other children and a woman got out of the house. Winchester police have confirmed a fatality.

Another child was transported to Winchester Medical Center with burns.

Next door neighbor Annette Bell, 29, helped rescue a woman and four of her five children who were in the house when the fire erupted.

“I was out here standing on the porch smoking my cigarette,” she recounted. “All of a sudden, the mom rushed out on the porch, [screaming], ‘Oh, my God. My babies.’ I look over there. There’s smoke and flames coming out her door. I drop everything and call 911 as I’m rushing over there to her.

“By the time I got to her porch, smoke has engulfed her porch, and her little newborn is on the porch.”

Bell handed the infant to another passerby before rushing to the side door of the home and helping the mother pull three more small children out. She said the woman collapsed of apparent smoke inhalation.

Bell said when the woman revived, she said, “Oh my God, one of my children is missing.”

“The next thing I know, she bolts back into the house after her fifth child,” a visibly shaken Bell continued. “One of the Frederick County police officers rushed in after her…I kept telling her, ‘Come out, come out. He’s going in after your child,’ but she wouldn’t listen.”

Another witness, Ericka Nicholson, owner of Royal Lunch, which is across the street from the burnt home, also assisted at the scene.

“The baby was purple,” she said. “Her face was purple, so I took her out of the car seat and ran her to the first ambulance.”

Nicholson said the baby’s appearance improved, and that another small boy had burns on his arms. She said one of his brothers said the kitchen stove had exploded.

Check back for more information and see Wednesday’s Winchester Star for full details.