Clarke County real estate transfers

Posted: October 27, 2012

These are the real estate transfers of $200,000 or more for Clarke County in September, as compiled by Clarke County Circuit Court:

Timothy A. Kirk et ux. and Johnny and Tia Smith, N355 Running Bear Lane, Boyce, Chapel District, $500,000.

John Weisman to Robert A. Brendel, 175 Skyhorse Lane, Bluemont, Battletown District, $320,000.

Craig and Linda Poston to Mary Hope Worley Revocable Trust, lot 3, 2 acres in Longmarsh District, $315,000.

Neal and Mary Moran to Harry F. Stimpson III, lot 7, 5.223 acres in Battletown District, $420,000.

Mary Ellen Nicholas to Opequon Enterprises LLC, 40.1306 acres in Greenway District, $485,000.

Michael E. and Linda Jan Hoffman to Warren F. and Mary W. Broy, 50 acres in Chapel District, $270,000.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to U.S. Bank National Association, 40 acres in Longmarsh District, $321,917.50.

Samuel V. Leach to Travis L. Garrison, 521 S. Church St., Berryville, lot 21 in Sovereign Glen subdivision, Town of Berryville, $293,000.

Oakland Orchard Limited Partnership to Tranco Farms Inc., 50.5389 acres in Battletown District, $262,603.66.

Scott E. and Susan R. Mayer to Adam B. Crider et al., 858 Berrys Ferry Road, White Post, 0.998 acres in Greenway District, $259,000.

William G. Meier III and Kevin R. to Traci R. Murphy, 568 Boom Road, Berryville, lot 2, cont. 0.88 acres in Town of Berryville, $202,000.

SPE Co. Holdings to Civil War Preservation Trust, 192.8893 acres more or less in Battletown District, $1,000,000.

Timothy Kennery et al. to Brookfield Relocation Inc., lot 33 in Meadow View subdivision, Town of Boyce, $310,000.

Thomas R. Wiseman II et al. to Donald L. Hill and Anne L. Hilleg, 2 acres and 30.7614 acres in Chapel District, $1,175,000.

Mary Jane Pierce to John H. Bailey Sr. and Paula K., 102 Battletown Drive, Berryville, lot in Treadwell subdivision, Battletown District, $289,900.

Charlene L. Richard to Louis and Dahlia Reveron, 320 Dunlap Drive, Berryville, lot 49 in Hermitage subdivision, Town of Berryville, $385,000.

Lousie Chartrand Suc. Tr. to Kim S. Jackson, parcel on Route 723, Town of Boyce, $240,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National to Cody E. Wagner, 500 Lauren Lane, Bluemont, lots 48, 49, 50 and 51, block 1D, unit 1 of Shenandoah Retreat, Battletown District, $218,500.