Guide for being admitted to county’s 11 elementaries

Posted: February 1, 2014

Beginning on Monday, people who want to visit a Frederick County elementary school will be admitted to the school via a “buzz-in” process. The procedure for admittance:

Upon arriving at the main entrance doors, visitors will push a “call” button.

A staff member will welcome the visitors via intercom and ask them to identify themselves and the reason for their visit.

After verifying the identity of the visitors and the reason for their visit, school staff members will open the school’s main entrance to provide access to a secure entryway outside the school’s main office. Before being allowed to enter the building, the visitors may be asked to position themselves so that they will be in full view of a security camera.

As the visitors approach the door to the main office, a staff member will unlock the door and welcome them to the school.

Anyone who follows someone into the secured entryway without following the procedures outlined above will be asked to move outside the main entrance doors in order to complete the process.

SOURCE: Frederick County Public Schools