Letter to the editor

Posted: December 10, 2013

Intent to clarify

I just wanted to clarify a point in your article about the height waiver for our new kiln at Clear Brook (“Carmeuse’s 200-foot-tall kiln on track for approval,” Dec. 5).

This height waiver has nothing to do with approval of the kilns, which is done through a Virginia DEQ permitting process. The height waiver simply allows us to put attractive siding on the kiln structure and cover up equipment lights that would otherwise be visible to our neighbors at night.

We are doing this to make the kiln look better. This waiver doesn’t have anything to do with permitting or operation. The waiver will not increase the height of the kiln. The cost will be roughly $500,000. Carmeuse is spending this money to make its operation look better and to improve the viewshed at Clear Brook.

Jim Bottom

Area Operations Manager

Carmeuse Lime and Stone