Letter to the editor

Posted: December 11, 2013

‘Overreach,’ and  GOP ‘alternatives’

In a Dec. 9 opinion piece, Bill Daniels makes this “Affordable” Care Act all sound like sugar and spice. Don’t fret, little ones, Uncle Sam is there for you.

He asks, “Does it seem like government overreach simply to make it possible, where it often hasn’t been before, for individuals and families to take care of themselves, in a nation we like to think of as the most advanced in the world?”

Well, yes, it does seem like overreach when the “possible,” which implies choice, becomes a mandate where the only choice is get it or be penalized. If this is such a good plan, why did it pass only because the process was gamed with procedural rules changes and bribes, with zero Republican “aye” votes. Why were such blatant lies about keeping current plans and doctors and hospitals needed to pass such a great “solution”?

In an attempt to change the debate, it is now being asked, “Where is the GOP alternative?” Ignored is the fact that the GOP has offered alternatives and ways to fix many of the problems of the previous system. Mr. Obama trashed them by saying, in effect, “We won, and your ideas don’t count.” If he was truly interested in discussing the issues, he would tell Harry Reid to let the Senate debate the bills passed by the House.

Jerome Lane

Frederick County