Letters to the editor

Posted: September 26, 2013

Prayers for Judy

Shame on whoever let Judy Evans-Lambert go from the Auxiliary Attic (Thrift Store).

Judy is such a caring person to everyone. She puts everyone else before herself. I know she does a very good job at her workplace.

Many years ago, she worked with the seniors at Winchester Senior Center. Often she scheduled me to play my guitar and sing songs for the seniors. Judy thought so much of the seniors, sometimes calling them her “little children.”

She always made sure their meals were made and that Meals on Wheels went out every day. She made sure that they would have special days like picnics, trips, and holidays, etc.

I was there the day when she was handed a card from a little man. She read it aloud to everyone as tears came from her eyes. Inside the card it said, “I don’t know what I will do when Judy leaves the Senior Center and goes to her new job. I’ll probably go back to Pennsylvania.”

Judy’s tears were not the only ones shed that day. It was so sad to see her leave.

Judy has had her share of sickness and sorrows, even her house burned to the ground.

I will be praying for you, Judy, and also for whomever let you go. They most likely need prayer, too.

And remember, what goes around comes around. Maybe they will be the next one forced to resign. I am proud to be retired from Winchester Medical Center.

Bettie L. Jenkins

Frederick County

SVBF trails stance  ‘arrogant at best’

Regarding the article on Sept. 24, “Posters at local battlefield misleading,” Denman Zirkle, executive director of the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation, is quoted as saying, “The message that we’re closing the trails at Third Winchester is absolutely false.” That statement is absolutely false.

All the “off-path” trails will be closed. That means the SVBF is closing trails. And the quote about mountain bikers not understanding they can’t ride over historic lands is arrogant at best.

Why can't we continue to ride those trails? Exactly what historic features are mountain bikes damaging? I would like to hear meaningful and specific answers to these questions instead of the vague flippant responses received on this issue in the recent past.

The “off-trail” paths that wind their way through the woods have far less impact on the area than the construction of the existing and planned gravel paths and rights-of way through Third Winchester.

Many of the trails in question have been there for 20 years, perhaps more. I have ridden every inch of them many times and cleared debris and fallen trees voluntarily. An Eagle Scout constructed an excellent bridge on one section. So much for his efforts.

SVBF makes mountain bikers out to be low-life ne’er-do-wells who have no caring for the area. I disagree. I have heard their reasons for closing the trails, and I find them lacking sufficient H2O.

Chris Trice