Letters to the editor

Posted: January 15, 2014

Those lawmen  must be Democrats

It is really amazing how many state troopers and Frederick County sheriff’s deputies speed on Interstate 81 and Va. 37.

One blew by me on I-81 the other night doing about 80 mph — and he wasn’t on a call. I see it all the time, and it is pathetic because they’re supposed to be enforcing the law, not breaking it.

But nothing will ever be done about it, and it will just keep happening because there is no one to “police” them. They must all be Democrats, since there is no accountability.

Debra Willis

Frederick County

Kirby remembered;  kin extends thanks

On behalf of the Lloyd and Ashby families, we would like to thank Frances Lowe for writing the excellent news article on Kirby and his life, both personal as well as professional.

We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from the community during these weeks following his death. Ms. Lowe, through countless hours of interviews, phone calls, and emails, was able to write his life’s story so well.

He was a very caring but humble man, and we are honored that The Star remembered him in such a lovely manner.

Ann B. Lloyd

(Mrs. Kirby Lloyd)

Star Tannery

Star carrier went  above and beyond

To The Star carrier who delivers on Wilson Boulevard: I want to express my appreciation for my newspaper being on the porch.

Recently, during the bad weather when snow was on the porch, my carrier placed the paper inside the storm door.

Thanks so much for your kindness, and may God bless.

Ruth Barley


Pat on the back for  those trash collectors

On Jan. 2, it snowed that night.

On Jan. 3, bitter cold, 11 degrees, and winds gusting to 35 mph.

But right on time, here they came, riding on the back of an open truck — our dedicated city trash collectors, doing their job while we were inside, nice and warm.

They must be a sturdy group — what would we do without these hard-working people?

So, City of Winchester, how about a pat on the back and a “job well done” for these employees.

Thank you all.

Jim Owens

(“The Puddin’ Dog”)