Open Forum: Examples of deceit

Posted: October 27, 2012

Thomas Sowell’s article, “When hasn’t Obama deceived?” (Oct. 24), highlights a critical behavioral pattern of President Obama that has been too long ignored.

The pattern involves the President telling us he’s going to do something beneficial and then doesn’t do it. Or, he does it and it turns out not to be beneficial, except for his purposes. Some results of this behavior have been significant profits for Obama and his allies, and, at the same time, suffering for various segments of the population.

An example involves some Chicago black communities that were conned out of their dwellings. This past September, The Washington Examiner documented a public project known as the Plan for Transformation, a $1.6 billion Chicago neighborhood demolition program. The Examiner reported, “At least 25,000 low-income apartments in Chicago were destroyed under the program, which forced thousands of black families — many of whom lived in Obama’s state Senate district — to move out of the city. Obama’s political allies directed the effort.”

Wardell Lavender, a tenant activist in Chicago, told the Examiner, “We don’t know what happened to those people. What we didn’t do was keep track of them because a lot of them ended up homeless.”

Robert Fitch, a radical leftist and freelance journalist who specialized in urban politics and economics, and one of Obama’s toughest critics, said Obama surrounded himself with people who got rich on the demolition program. In a 2008 speech to the Harlem Tenants Association, Fitch charged that, “What we see is that the Chicago core of the Obama coalition is made up of blacks who’ve moved up by moving poor blacks out of the community.”

Three weeks after Obama won the 2008 election, Fitch warned his Harlem audience about “hope and change,” saying, “We have to make some distinctions between the change they believe in and the change we believe in, between our interests and theirs.” Fitch died in 2011.

Obama's low-income housing campaign still resonates among Chicago’s poor today. Deborah Taylor, a public housing tenant in the Kenwood section of Chicago, told the Examiner things are as bad as ever for poor tenants.

D'Anna Carter, a neighborhood activist in Chicago's Woodlawn section, singled out the Habitat Co., which was run by Valerie Jarrett (now Obama's closest White House adviser). “They were never interested in poor people,” she told the Examiner. “They would sell poor people a bill of goods,” she said bitterly in an interview.

Another example of deceit is ObamaCare. If this program is allowed to stand, it will gradually evolve into its intended function of a single-payer system. No one will be able to keep the health insurance they like. The single-payer will be the government. The government will be making our health-care decisions. Count on it.

We’ll all be in the same boat as D’Anna Carter, deceived and drastically less well off. ObamaCare is another Obama deception, and a crippling one at that. Woe are we if this Great Deceiver wins this election.

Paul Rea is a resident of Winchester.