Open Forum: Hit hard

Posted: October 27, 2012

The Winchester area has been especially hard hit by the vulture capitalism of Mitt Romney-type hedge funds and Paul Ryan-type Ayn Rand economics.

Witness the closing of Federal-Mogul, General Electric, and American Woodmark plants in the area. Even the automotive parts plant in Strasburg is threatened.

The Wall Street brokerage banks care little about the impact of their decisions on ordinary American workers, their families, and communities. They are concerned only with higher profits, and fighting off government regulation for the public interest. They contribute millions in campaign contributions to any politician regardless of party or principle so long as they are given a free hand to plunder the nation’s resources, environment, climate, and workers. Their patriotism is nil and non-existent.

If they can get cheap labor through lower wages, they do not care how many Americans are put out of work or to which country they have to move their jobs to. Their plan is to privatize profits and socialize costs. They pocket the profits for themselves and push the cost of unemployment of the government. They pay little or no taxes by setting up offshore sham corporate offices and laundering their money through tax-haven countries with weak government structures.

This is why Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to weaken government in America by starving it of tax revenue and emasculating regulatory bodies that check and balance the private sector. In the absence of the contravening power of government, private corporations would have a free hand to perpetrate all sorts of pernicious activities.

Mitt Romney’s tax plan does not add up. The math just does not calculate. The only way he could even begin to lower the tax rate, increase military spending, and balance the budget would be to take away tax deductions such as the mortgage interest deduction that the middle class relies on. These policies are neither middle-class nor worker-friendly.

If you or your family or your friends have been affected by the closing of the Federal-Mogul, General Electric, or American Woodmark plants here in the Winchester area, it is in your interest to vote for President Obama, Tim Kaine, and Kristin Cabral.

If you would be adversely affected by the closing of the automotive parts plant in Strasburg, you should vote for President Obama, Tim Kaine, and Kristin Cabral.

President Obama saved the American automobile industry. Mitt Romney said, “Let Detriot go bankrupt.” President Obama has saved manufacturing jobs in America. Mitt Romney made his fortune “harvesting companies” by taking them to bankruptcy, liquidating the companies, putting workers out of work, and causing them to lose their pensions.

Warren D. Golightly is a resident of Frederick County.