Our View: Wolf’s simple request

Posted: March 29, 2014

The cynical take — courtesy of Politico — on President Obama’s audience with Pope Francis is that Mr. Obama, his approval ratings sinking, wanted, or needed, to bask in the glow of the planet’s most popular personage.

One observer who took the visit at face value (as it should have been taken) was Rep. Frank Wolf, R-10th. Upon learning that Mr. Obama told the pope that protecting the “interests of religious minorities” is “central to U.S. foreign policy,” Mr. Wolf dashed off a letter to the White House.

His request: Appoint a special State Department envoy for persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East and Asia. Twice legislation to that effect, sponsored by Mr. Wolf, has passed the House — only to stall in the Senate.

If Mr. Obama were not simply mouthing convenient platitudes during his chat with Il Papa, he’d take swift action on Mr. Wolf’s earnest entreaty.