Letters to the Editor

Posted: July 9, 2010

What good do parking fees do?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is often irritated by the rapacious parking fees in downtown Winchester, and therefore inclined to shop elsewhere.

I'm probably not the only one who has thought about the likely negative effects of these fees upon retailers.

So here are some questions for the city fathers and the Parking Authority:

Has any study ever been done which explores faithfully and fully the relationships between paid parking, retail health, and net income to the city?

And if so, what was the result of that study? And by the way, what relevant experience have other cities had?

Charles S. Chase

Clarke County

Servicemen can get free sticker

Afghanistan and Iraq veterans may choose to acknowledge their sacrifice by displaying a free sticker on their car, van or truck.

The stickers are similar in design to the popular beach stickers (OBX, BB, HH, and OC), except at the top is the website iservedsticker.org , and at the bottom it reads "I served." The veteran indicates his choice of AFG, IRQ, or Vietnam, and after entering his address, he will receive the free sticker in the mail, postage-free.

We have placed incredible burdens on our servicemen and their families.

For fellow Americans searching for a way to offer encouragement to our military members currently serving in combat zones, the website www.anysoldier.com has just the answer.

Click on "where to send" and you're directed to the name and address of the serviceman without the red tape. Serious and sincere participants then can send a note or card which will be delivered by helicopter or air-dropped with supplies to the Forward Operating Base or the outpost.Domestic postal rates apply to these APO addresses, e.g. 44 cents for a letter.

The website offers a word of caution: "Warning: Contents of this website are addictive. Persons using this site may be overcome with tears of sympathy or tears of joy."

J.E. Williams

Stephens City