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General White House Scandals - Past, Present, and Future?
Almost since day one of the American Presidency, scandals—real, imagined or intentionally promoted—have been part of the landscape of the highest office in the land. In many cases, the allegations of misguided conduct by presidents or candidates for the office have been real. This lecture begins with allegations against the Father of Our Country (regarding accumulation of wealth and land speculation) and covers the period in American Presidential history up to Teddy Roosevelt. Following the presentation, discussions are more than welcomed! Presenting this lecture is Dr. Charles P. Lickson, JD, Ph.D., is a former practicing attorney, mediator, author, teacher and businessman. Dr. Lickson is also former Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Shenandoah University where he taught courses on the American Presidency, Constitutional Law, Political Parties and Public Administration Ethics. He served for many years as a visiting lecturer at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management training centers in Washington ,DC, Aurora, CO and Shepherdstown, WV. Dr. Lickson is the author of seven books including ETHICS FOR PUBLIC EMPLOYEES, NEGOTIATION BASICS and IRONING IT OUT: SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS TO RESOLVING CONFLICT. His programs on the American Presidency have been presented throughout the U.S. including at the Museum of American Presidents. He has also presented programs for the U.S. Government in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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