Shenandoah University's Board of Trustees voted unanimously today to remove the name of Harry F. Byrd Jr. from its School of Business over Byrd's support of school segregation in the 1950s in Virginia. The decision is effective immediately.

"This decision today about the business school is reflective of our commitment to continuing efforts toward racial justice and equality for all," Board of Trustees Chairman Rob Frogale said in a university news release.

Byrd, a Winchester native, served in the state Senate from 1948-65 and the U.S. Senate from 1965-83.

The university's business school was named for him in 1984. He went on to become a distinguished lecturer at SU, the release stated.

A virtual forum was held earlier today titled "Past, Present & Future: An Open Forum on the Naming of the Harry F. Byrd Jr. School of Business." Numerous SU students, staff, alumni and others participated to express their opinions on the business school's name.

The forum followed more than 2,500 people signing a petition to remove Byrd's name from the business school. The petition was started by a master's of business administration student at the university.

See Thursday's Winchester Star for more.

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This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. All the money the Byrd's have given and done for All the counties in this area. You all should pay back all the money donated by him to SU back to his family. The Byrd's are and have been wonderful citizens of all the counties. SAD!!!!


This is stupid. SJW people - and losers who live with their mommy at home and complain. Such as Nuri guy - a guy that has verbally assaulted women - and for some reason, has a fondness for children.


your description says you're an antihumanist. um, do you know what that makes you?

you comment "losers who live with their mommy at home and complain" AS YOU COMPLAIN. lol.


Don't bother with him. He is a serial harasser and stalker.


I'm waiting for all references to Thomas Jefferson to be removed from anything to do with the University of Virginia now.


Kinda missing the point of all of this, aren't you?

Explains why you troll under an assumed name.


Ah, Nuri. Loser.

Doc Samson

What it doesn't explain is why you are so obsessed with the names of those you disagree with but not your fellow Leftists. Please explain... because a lot of us find it... weird.

Doc Samson

It's beyond weird. Remove all traces of anyone who did something the modern prog-Left Borg deems offensive... and yet they are supporting Biden for prez? A man with demonstrable pedo tendencies, racist statements, and documented Ukrainian interference... Ah, Lefties... always doing what they accuse of others...

Doc Samson

Ask and you shall receive -


me too! so glad we can agree on something for once.


This is fantastic news, way to go Shenandoah University!!!




Why Yay? you like revisionist history? Hmmm. You must hate history and life.


you're a self proclaimed "antihumanist" pointing fingers at others saying they hate life? haha. how much do you get paid to stir up nonsense on small town newspapers, maga?


SU should give back all the money the Byrd family gave to them too.

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