Church comes down

St. Paul’s on-the-Hill Episcopal Church on Senseny Road was demolished Tuesday to make way for a 63-unit affordable senior apartment complex. Perdomo National Wrecking of New York is shown above moving debris. The building at 1527 Senseny Road was home to the church’s congregation for 54 years, but its members decided they wanted to use the property to better serve the community, and affordable senior housing was identified as a need. Alexandria-based Wesley Housing will lease the property for 99 years and construct the complex called Senseny Place. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday.

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Mark Gunderman

The 21st Century Christian now seeks a Church that offers a means of peace, truth, compassion and hope, as opposed to the modern world's way of power, materialism, exploitation and violence. Christians are demanding a Church that is willing to sacrifice everything to reach those people outside its walls. A successful Church will love the world and be prepared to die for it.

The Savior was born, lived, suffered, died and rose again so we could establish a personal relationship with God. The 21st Century Church may foster new apostles like Peter and Paul with their kind of fire for and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Good for them. Housing is a much better use than a church. Churches are loosing members left and right. They are in decline. Good!


slowe once again you are completely wrong!! The church is more than a structure. St Pauls is still a vibrant community of God, doing God's work in their community and worshipping God's word in new and exciting ways.


Only in your perverted dreams, slowe.

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