Anne Rodriguez, 6, sings outside a residence on Cameron Street in Berryville. Standing behind Anne is her brother Trey, 2. They are the children of Berryville Town Council member Kara Rodriguez.

BERRYVILLE — Feeling blue from having to stay inside a lot because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Six-year-old Anne Rodriguez wants to lift your spirits with a song. At your request, she will come “coronavirus caroling” outside your home.

“She’s quite a little performer,” said her mom, Kara.

Anne is a first-grader at Sacred Heart Academy in Winchester who loves to sing. She is a member of the school’s Joyful Performers Group, but the school is closed amid the pandemic. She misses singing there.

“She really has a sensational voice for a six-year-old,” Rodriguez said.

As a proud mother, Rodriguez admits she probably is a little biased. However, she said a music teacher at Sacred Heart told her that Anne “has an amazing voice for her age that comes from within,” especially considering that her daughter never has had any formal voice training.

“Nobody else in our family sings so well,” she continued. So don’t expect Rodriguez to do any duets with her daughter.

Rodriguez said Anne recently got the idea for caroling after she visited a neighbor’s therapy dog and sang to it through a window.

Since recently posting on Facebook about her daughter’s interest in singing for people, Rodriguez said they so far have received about 30 performance requests. A few have been from friends of the family, but most have been from people they don’t know, she said.

Rodriguez, who is on Berryville Town Council, said she will take Anne anywhere in Clarke County to entertain someone who is feeling lonely or stressed out and knows they are coming. They will stand at the property line, or some other appropriate distance, while Anne performs one or two of her favorite songs. Those being serenaded can watch from their windows or porches, for instance.

“I can’t promise she knows all the words (to the songs) but the heart and effort is there,” Rodriguez wrote on Facebook.

Anyone wanting Anne to perform for them can call or text Rodriguez at 703-999-1670 to schedule a visit.

They can visit one or two homes per day, as long as the weather is good.

“As long as she stays interested in this, we’ll keep on going,” Rodriguez said.

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This is awesome . Clearly she is bringing our community joy during these tough times . I doubt she's bumping in to all the people surrounding her unless cars speak. STAY JOYFUL 😀


Adorable!! Good for her!


This is a cute article, and a nice idea if we did not have a Pandemic or stay at home order. Other states in iur region do not allow this, and Northam's order does not and should not either. This is not essential, adds to people out and about (even going for a walk is already hard to do in some places without bumping into people). This and the haircut article do not reflect the urgency of the situation we are in.


Children usually look to adults for hope and inspiration during difficult times. I LOVE the article! I think this young lady is spreading positivity and hope to many who are desperately needing some type of positivity! This is no different than teachers driving by to spread cheer to their students, no different than people walking other people’s dogs to help. So long as we are social distancing and following CDC regulations, I see nothing wrong with this! I hope we can work as a community and continue to Social distance while still providing encouragement! If you can’t find a place to get outdoors without bumping into one another, I recommend caroling from a distance as this young lady has done! Have a good week everyone! ❤️


I've had the privilege of hearing Anne sing at school concerts, and she truly is phenomenal. Good for her (and her mom) for spreading joy. It's too bad this article didn't include a recording of her beautiful singing voice :)


It's essential for you to calm down and stop hyperventilating.


There’s one in every crowd.

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