Critical Race Theory ‘ridiculous’

I’d like to know what categories my biracial son and his sons are supposed to place themselves in as far as this Critical Race Theory goes. Is his white half oppressing his black half? Did he have ONE leg up when he was born (i.e. “white privilege”) and the other leg down? Should he be forced to wrestle with his identity just to appease a racist, liberal agenda??? CRT is harmful and divisive, radical and ridiculous! No man, women or child (especially multi-racial kids) should have to shoulder the burden of confusion and self-conflict that this destructive agenda leaves in its wake.

Parents and grandparents: Take a trip to your children’s school board meetings and speak out.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Valerie Cox


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Oh boy... a puddle of drivel wrapped up by a trite saying...

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