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If seasonal stressors are starting to stretch you thin — the increased coldness, the pressure to please everyone with grand winter holiday-related gestures, the prolonged darkness, the rushed tempo of the gotta get there fast, only to find “there” isn’t where you really want to be — a forest…

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Four young women from the Winchester area have been selected to serve as Maids in the Court of Queen Shenandoah XCVI during the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, which will be April 28 through May 7. The Maids are Mattie Gray Davis, Katherine Ann Martin, Emilie Elizabeth Pifer and Margaret …

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There’s no need to whine about not knowing which wines to buy for holiday dinners and gifts this year. We reached out for some tips from local wine expert Mike Good, who owns an online wine company, timelesswines.com, as well as the Timeless Wines retail store in Middletown.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
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Look to local businesses to fill Christmas stockings this year — the most memorable gifts can come in the tiniest packages.

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Opening presents is a holiday tradition, but it can come with a few drawbacks — namely all the stuff that comes out of those gift boxes. This stuff will undoubtedly fill your house with clutter and have you tripping over it on your way to the couch or kitchen.

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Package shipping pros are advising holiday shoppers not to dawdle on shipping gifts to family and friends living in other states, countries, or in the military.

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The Rev. Tom Berlin, lead pastor of Floris United Methodist Church in Herndon and formerly of Winchester, has been consecrated a bishop in The United Methodist Church. He will serve the Florida Annual Conference beginning in January.

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November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and Family Caregivers Month. To mark these events, the Alzheimer’s Association is encouraging people to lend a helping hand to more than 11 million family members and friends serving as Alzheimer’s caregivers.

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The World Health Organization describes dementia as a syndrome that causes a deterioration of cognitive function beyond what is typical of biological aging. Around the world, more than 55 million people live with dementia, and there are around 10 million new cases each year. Alzheimer’s dise…

First grade – Lily Alfred, Owen Andre, Cooper Bly, Carter Bly, Elora Branch, Jared Orellana Chinchilla, Kensley Crank, Elijah Crotti, Reed Dailey, Paige DeHaven, Makenna Haines, Tristan Huntsberger, Trey Jennings, Asher Lockhart, Alexandra Lozada-Mota, Kliben Castillo Martinez, Eva Peralta M…

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Sixth grade: Nicholas Anderson Cabrera, Jaxson Baird, Natalie Ball, Grace Balser, Brodie Barbe, Sophia Barr, Joshua Batcha, Madeleine Bautista, Finnian Berson, Gianna Borowczyk, Mckinley Boycourt, Hunter Brewer, Michelangelo Burrill, Madeline Cantwell, Gregory Conrad, Chloe Copenhaver, Reese…

9th grade: Ivan Andrews, Austin Arbaugh, JuliaArnold, Courtney Barnhart, Aidan Bell, Ebelin Berumen Arellano, Mercedes Bowser, August Bradford, Gabriel Cantada, Madison Carhart, Connor Causby, Grace Clark, Natalie Coello, Brenna Corbin, Courtney Daugherty, Calleigh DeLuca, Gurvir Dhindsa, Al…