The chart on today's Winchester Star had a typo in the number of deaths in Winchester. The correct number is 4.
Number of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths on Aug. 18, 2020

Virginia: 108,282 cases, 8,849 hospitalizations, 2,396 deaths

Lord Fairfax Health District: 2,680 cases, 234 hospitalizations, 92 deaths

Winchester - 422 cases, 32 hospitalizations, 4 deaths

Frederick County - 709 cases, 54 hospitalizations, 10 deaths

Clarke County - 74 cases, 8 hospitalizations, 0 deaths

Shenandoah County - 747 cases, 79 hospitalizations, 47 deaths

Page County - 354 cases, 39 hospitalizations, 25 deaths

Warren County - 374 cases, 22 hospitalizations, 6 deaths

Number of outbreaks in Lord Fairfax Health District - 32 (751 total outbreaks in Virginia)

7 outbreaks in a healthcare setting, 12 outbreaks in a long term care facilities and 12 outbreaks in a congregate setting, 1 correctional facility.

Number of tests completed in the state - 1,502,044

Number of test completed in Lord Fairfax Health District - 41,413

Source: Virginia Department of Health

Compiled by Anna Merod/The Winchester Star

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between ol conservative and blondie, america should have this virus under control by now..all these drs and scientists working on solutions all befuddled paying hospitals to kill people for funding and these two super slueths have figured it all out ! /s


Sure wish Conservative would get that dern Chinese Virus, so he could whoop it and show us all just how wimpy the virus is.

Bernie Mac

Sure wish you two kids would grow up.


Ouchie, Bernard, you meanie head. Pack sand.






At work we have now had 7 cases. Each one up till the last, which is unknown right now, have had 2-3 positives then a negative and blood work showed negative. The sad part, each positive counts as a case even though it was only 6 folks that were negative but state counts show 17 positive cases when there was only 6 negatives in the end. This is such a scam!!!!

Doc Samson

@jake277 - So, you are a conspiracy theorist, aye? I mean, the Left tells us that what you are saying just isn't true... [rolleyes]


How many of these deaths are actually from the corona virus?


Good question. Because hospitals receive money for each chinese virus "diagnosis", the number will definitely be skewed.


That"s why the numbers are so high.

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