WINCHESTER — Anything Abigail Fergus gets involved in, she tries to make better or improve in some way over those who came before her.

That drive and passion is evident in everything she has done throughout her high school career.

The 18-year-old James Wood High School senior has participated in several activities in which she has been able to show her leadership skills as well as improve on what others have done before her.

She has earned a 4.55 GPA, ranking her fifth in her class of 308 students, Abby was a member of the National Honor Society and DECA, taught English as a Second Language and swimming lessons, and is the class president.

While acting as class president, Abby was in charge of the annual hallway decorating contest the school holds as part of spirit week. Abby said she enjoyed leading this activity because it was one of the few times the entire class came together for one purpose.

“Usually, I just work with small groups of people, or talk to people one-on-one,” Abby said of her role as class president. “But with the hallway contest we all come together to try and come up with the best decorations, and it’s really fun.”

The competition was also a chance for Abby to show off her creativity and pride in her school. Not surprisingly, each year it was her goal to come up with a better design than what was done the year before.

The daughter of Allan and Andrea Fergus, Abby plans to attend the College of William & Mary in the fall where she will major in math, physics or possibly both.

“I’ve always enjoyed problem solving,” Abby said. “So I enjoyed math, and I enjoy the math side of physics.”

Whichever major she chooses, she will approach college the same way she approached anything she took on in high school, with the mentality of having pride in all of her work, and if possible making it better than those who came before her.

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