WINCHESTER — A longtime downtown business will soon relocate from its home of 44 years.

But Winchester Book Gallery isn’t going far.

The store first opened on Boscawen Street in 1972 and moved to its current spot at 185 N. Loudoun St. on the Loudoun Street Mall in 1974.

On Aug. 1, Winchester Book Gallery will move to 7 N. Loudoun St., between the Bright Box Theatre and El Centro restaurant.

Christine Patrick, the book store’s owner, is buying the building with other family members, she said. The deal is scheduled to close on July 16. The store’s current location is leased.

The new location is 1,800 square feet, about 400 square feet larger than the store’s current location.

“There’s enough space to have people shopping and [simultaneously] have an author signing,” Patrick said.

The added space is important, Patrick said, because Winchester Book Gallery hosts about 300 authors a year. These events require the store to rearrange its layout, but that won’t be necessary in the new location. The new site also will be able to accommodate live music, meetings, games nights and book clubs more easily.

“There’s just a lot of positives,” Patrick said.

Brian Patrick, Christine’s husband, works in Loudoun County. He is also executive director of the Skyline Indie Film Festival, an annual event that screens independent films at a variety of locations in the community. With a bigger store, screenings can be held there.

“We’re not looking just to continue these events ... but to make them better,” Brian Patrick said.

The Patricks are the 10th owners of Winchester Book Gallery. Their children, Lauren Patrick, 17, and Jonathan Patrick, 14, work at the shop when they’re not attending Handley High School.

Christine Patrick said her family is looking forward to 2022, the 50th anniversary of Winchester Book Gallery. “We have to be ready and spiffed up to have a big party.”


Contact the Winchester Book Gallery at 540-667-3444.

— Contact Onofrio Castiglia at

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In the age of bookstores closing around the country, it's nice to see an independent one still thriving.

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