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WASHINGTON - Schadenfreude, the pleasure derived from others' suffering, is rarely more welcome than when seated next to a journalist in this small town. Dinner parties are so crowded with people who delight in a scrap of gossip or perfectly awful news, why Alice Roosevelt Longworth herself … Read more

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I was born and raised in Winchester and I have always felt that this town is a very special place, so special that I feel it is more than a town or city, it is a place that anyone could feel at home. Someone once said that if you are from Winchester, your blood is a little deeper shade of re… Read more

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We have known Marie for several years and have found her to be an intelligent, caring, compassionate person who demonstrates ability to use sound judgment, critical thinking and is willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Her previous Winchester School Board experience will be invaluable … Read more

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Are you voting for Biden to be the president of the United States of America, or Trump to be the president of the Divided States of America? How often, throughout your lifetime, have you read or heard the truth, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”? We are voting to maintain our democracy, Con… Read more

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Campaign season traditionally brings candidate door-to-door visits. These visits I have always felt are important so as citizens, we would be able to understand the candidate’s platforms and equally Important, to allow us to convey our areas of importance or concern on which we would like to… Read more

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