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Maybe we’re the ones at fault, in our apparent belief that a professional athlete’s intellectual acumen and grasp of geopolitical issues somehow equal their prodigious and, at times, other-worldly athletic skills. Read more


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WASHINGTON — When Joe Biden was asked during a recent news conference whether he had a conflict of interest leading Ukraine policy while his son was working for a Ukrainian oligarch, he said “I’m not going to respond to that” and told reporters to focus on President Trump. If he’s allowed to… Read more

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Politico posted a curious headline by senior media reporter Michael Calderone the other day: “News anchors fight back against GOP senators’ refusal to condemn Trump.” At this point, is it really news that “news anchors” are fighting the GOP? Read more

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If one believes the report on Thursday’s NPR Morning Edition program that next month Virginia voters are likely to send more Democrats to the House of Delegates and perhaps the Senate, and that Democratic voters’ top priority this year is gun control, I think we should anticipate that expand… Read more

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I first met Shawn Graber on July 4, 2015 canvassing the pre-fireworks crowd at Middletown. Curious, I heard his illogical diatribe about ruinous school costs. When I asked about other issues, he couldn't engage — nothing to say — walked away. He still does. Read more

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When I moved here 11 years ago to take the best job in the world as president of Lord Fairfax Community College, I did not know a soul in our region. One of the first people I met was John Lamanna. John was everywhere helping our community become the best community it could possibly be, and … Read more

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