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For millions of American students, public schools have been closed since mid-March. School has been wherever a quiet place could be found in the home. For most, class starts when they and their parents decide it will. Read more

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No doubt some members of Congress had to hold their noses while they were voting for the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. CARES includes a ton of money for initiatives that have nothing to do with COVID-19. Why on earth did anyone think it was important to co… Read more

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It is difficult if not impossible to wash your hands frequently if there is no water flowing through the pipes in your home. Yet, even as regular hand-washing may be a matter of life and death, water service has been shut off to some American homes — for non-payment of utility bills. Read more


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One of the more tiresome partisan polkas we’ve witnessed in the years of President Donald Trump is the herky-jerky one around White House briefings. First, journalists insist that avoiding daily briefings is a dangerously undemocratic practice. Then when there are suddenly daily briefings fo… Read more

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My sainted mother was a public school teacher until she married my father and immediately, as a married woman, was forced by local Massachusetts rules then in force to leave the classroom. (My own grade school teachers included Miss Galvin, Miss Harrington, Miss Donahue, Miss Keohane, Miss C… Read more

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The passing of “Maddie” MacNeil is an incredible loss to our town and community. Her singing and storytelling of the Appalachian heritage has been a wonderful gift to all who heard her. Not only her musicianship, but also her willingness to share her talents with those of us who taught at Sh… Read more

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Hope and solidarity! We all recognize that these are indispensable during these trying times. We can do our tiny bit to lift spirits. In some parts of the U.S. people are turning on their outdoor Christmas lights. Join me and bring a smile to passersby. I don't put up outside lights, so I to… Read more

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