‘Ode to Kenny Beauchamp’

(Decorated mason of Winchester City, deceased May 8, 2020.)

“Start up the mixer!,” I heard him say,

“This is the one we’re using today:

“Pick up some stones and carry them there” —

(My hands were gloved but his were bare).

“Pour in the mortar, the sand, the water,

We have to finish before it gets hotter.”

He always knew how to handle the place,

And I had no doubt when I looked at his face —

Weathered and sad, but full of soul,

No need to ask, I knew my role:

I followed his lead and I learned a lot,

About faith, about him and what he’s got—

But all I really know, in the end,

He wasn’t my boss, he was my friend.

Stuart Bearov wrote this tribute to his former coworker after he read Beauchamp’s obituary in The Star.

Stuart Bearov


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