I have known Mike Lake since he was in the eighth grade at James Wood, where I was a teacher and his football coach. In both the classroom and the football field, Mike always gave the effort it takes to be successful. We developed a lasting bond back then that exists today.

Our Frederick County School Board requires members with backgrounds dealing with a broad range of issues, whether it be budget-related or an upset parent. We need members who can communicate effectively with county executives as well as local business owners who might have students as employees.

In addition, we need members who will devote the time it takes to cover the multitude of activities that go on related to schools. We also need members on the board who know the scope of the board’s responsibilities, i.e. what the board does as well as what the board does not do. Mike fits the bill in all these areas.

This election cycle will guarantee there will be a minimum of three new school board members. Our county needs someone with Mike’s experience to help mentor the newer members of the board as he currently serves on four of the five school board committees. January is the start of the budget season for the state legislators, our county. and the school division. Mike has been the chair of the Finance Committee for our school board for three years and we need to keep him there and take advantage of that experience as he has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the complex school budget. And importantly, in these times of change in our county, Mike has a solid working relationship with Frederick county administration and members of the Board of Supervisors.

Mike was appointed in 2017 by the Board of Supervisors to be a Frederick County representative to the Lord Fairfax Community College Board which makes him a valuable asset to the School Board, as LFCC provides the dual-enrollment opportunities for our students. Additionally, Mike serves as the LFCC board representative to the LFCC education foundation which provides scholarships to our Frederick County students. Another win for our school division.

Frederick County needs Mike Lake on the School Board, and I hope the good residents of the Gainesboro District will see fit to make that happen on Nov. 5 by voting to reelect him as the Gainesboro District representative.

Wendell Dick was an educator in Frederick County for 50 years.

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Mike Lake has been a rubber stamp for the School Board voting with the leadership. He was once vice-chairman of the board, but went against the leadership and was demoted. He learned his lesson and has not opposed anything anymore. That is not what is needed by this community. We need independent voices, not rubber stamps. Susan Shick has served on a School Board in another state and is experienced. And she has the backbone to not be cowed. The school board has been misspending their money (now about 160 million a year) by not funding repairs and upgrading. Instead, they lump the electric bill with "maintenance" so that maintenance looks well funded. Our schools have a 1 Billion dollar replacement value. As responsible management, should we not maintain and upgrade them? Let's get some new people on the School Board who are not rubber stamps.


From the Star interview with Shick earlier this year:

"But mainly she would like to help build a better relationship between the School Board and the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, especially when it comes to securing enough funding for new school construction. Overall, Shick thinks the School Board is doing a good job."

Is she with the school board or against the school board? Mike Lake has not voted in agreement with the board on everything. You can read meeting minutes to find that information.

Also, in her run of campaigning she has not mentioned serving on a school board previously. I think the public would be interested in learning this info. If she did run for a school board in another state, then she should be more aware of campaign finance law. Her signs are against the law, her campaign finance reports show nothing spent and nothing donated, yet she has signs, car decals and t-shirts. All are to be reported according to the law.

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